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I often joke “I am straightening teeth and changing lives” when asked what is going on at work. Friends laugh; my wife rolls her eyes. Truth is, for many people, having braces is a life changing experience. It was for me. Since my teeth were spaced and very bucked, having braces to straighten my teeth gave me the confidence I needed in life. 

Braces.  What we do. Braces come in many shapes and sizes. There is nothing magical about the actual braces. They are tools of the trade. What is important is using the proper tools at the proper time, and carefully monitoring progress. Equally important is working carefully with patients to get from them their best efforts of cooperation. Braces are a team effort, parents, patients, orthodontist and the orthodontic team work together to get the result - the Smile.

Smiles. What we produce.  We set aside a whole afternoon every week to take off braces, an unforgettable milestone in patient’s lives. You can bet the smiles are there. Moms, dads, brothers, sisters, friends, everyone enjoys the first look at this first smile without braces.

Life. Our result. Smiles are one of God’s great gifts. Smiles open doors. Smiles win hearts. Smiles brighten days. Smiles turn tides. Smiles close deals. Smiles show confidence. If one has confidence in their smile, they have confidence in life. 

We love doing braces. We love being part of that milestone day when the braces come off and the smile is revealed. We love seeing patients 10 days, 10 months or 10 years later and catching up with them on where their smile has taken them in life. 

If you are interested in braces, contact us. We will be here “Straightening teeth and changing lives”.

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